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Using Deep learning to create Art

This is probably what will make artists obsolete

There have been news and fear of AI taking over the world (in the long term), or atleast taking over some of the jobs or professions in the near future. Something like Google’s AlphaGo which learnt to play competitive Go by itself, not from other humans.

Image understanding is another field where AI is making big forays ! All this became possible after a revolutionary invention by Geoffery Hinton - the Convolution Neural Networks (CNN). CNNs turn an image into multiple layers of matrices and then deploy a learning algorithm to learn the patterns. It has actually become too good at a lot of image recognition stuff.

The same CNN when applied to Artwork can learn the patterns (or the painiting style) and it can be used to convert any image or photograph into a painting using the ‘painting style’ picked up by the CNN. This requires a content image (the picture which needs to be transformed), a style image (the painting whose style is to be applied to the content image) and some parameters (weights of content and style, speed of algorithm, learning rate, etc). All this generates and image which is a blend of content + style.

Below are some of the images after blending a content and style - styles are picked randomly from google search (as I am illiterate when it comes to art) and the content is a well publicized image.

I’ll be posting the methodology, details, references, source and codes later (will post link).








Written on November 27, 2017